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The Wright family has lived in Lochlin since 1971. Don and Mary’s land includes a wide range of landforms, including: moraine, esker, fen, open marsh, treed bog and boreal forest. Recreational and/or educational tours may be arranged at appropriate times throughout several seasons of the year according to appropriate conditions. (Please note email address, Links)


Preparation of trails and successful learning/recreational experiences are the end result of many participants; some of whom (in a rather incomplete listing) receive mention within these categories:
(1) Neighbours
(2) Educators
(3) Hike Enthusiasts
(4) Trail Preparation Workers
(5) Outside Specialists


Gerald and Betty Hicks (adjacent property) were well involved in trail development prior to the Lochlin Esker/Wetlands trail system. Always, they were most generous in the sharing of their trail system; presently, their son Bev Hicks continues that pattern to our great pleasure! The late Gerald Hicks was wonderful company on the trails, offering insights about the natural world; appreciation of its beauty. Gerry is sorely missed by all. He understood and respected the bush environment. The Hicks property shares the north esker with ours.

Ian Pristol is the pilot/photographer responsible for most of the aerial pics. Ian also contributed his considerable skill with heavy equipment (dozer and mini backhoe) for portions of trail development.

Robert Johnson unfailingly shares portions of his property involving open marsh, beaver pond and fields for purposes of hiking and viewing.


Associate Professor Daryl Dagesse of Brock University, St. Catharines, made first contact with Lochlin Esker & Wetlands in 2004; since that date Daryl has followed up annually, with day-long field trip investigations of the site. Various measurements of the landforms and soil characteristics have yielded very interesting results. As an instance, soil organics dated by Carbon 14 method, indicate organic fen deposits at the Canadian Shield interface as between 10,500 and 11,000 years. Future evaluations of age will attempt to focus more precisely than the current approximation, taken at the depth of 4.5m(14′). The value of sharing such information with other users is much appreciated. We extend thanks to Professor Dagesse for assisting in the development of the educational aspects of the property.

Biologist Irene Heaven of Glenside Ecological Services Limited and Out to Learn, has also brought students of varied age groupings to our site. Her leadership for repeated groups of eco-tourism students was of a high calibre; equally, Irene was well received by much younger students during several Discovery Days sessions and implementing special learning opportunity with Toronto Zoo staff and NHIC personnel (Mr. Colin Jones). (see “Links” for followup)

Mr. Ed Poropat, (Haliburton teacher) has studied the Esker/Wetlands frequently with great success in the preparation of species identification of butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies. His knowledge of this field is formidable! You may see Ed’s common and scientific listings at the Geo link.


Mr. and Mrs. Ron & Londa Earle have repeatedly over the years assembled both large and small groups of hikers. Uniformly, the written visitor’s book positively shows great appreciation, by hundreds of hikers, for the experience. To that, I add my thanks to Ron and Londa for their initiative.

Environment Haliburton, together with President Heather Ross, have hiked and freely supported maintenance of the site on various occasions at both private meetings and public council sessions.


David Wright (son) freely gave of his time on many occasions. Dave established boundary lines with GPS and compass, assisted marking and clearing those lines as an application of the wealth of his foresty skills. In addition, Dave communicated many times from a distance with counsel and input from others to protect this environment.

Other trail workers over the years were many; a partial list includes several grandchildren, Junior Ranger program, Grandson David Wright, Claude Schrader, Jim Milne, Henry Pristol, Eric Switzer, Thom Lambert, Andrew Legge, Gus Janca, Adam Berkelmans and Barb Merchant (MNR). We thank them all!


Biologist Paul Heaven, of Glenside Ecological Services Limited has been a key contributor and enthusiast of environmental stewardship of this site. It was Paul who obtained the interest of the Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC) and their several staff members who subsequently assessed the site.

In that regard we extend thanks to Messers Bakowsky, Jones, and Sutherland, all of NHIC Peterboro. Through two visitations, Provincially Significant Wetland status (PSW) was established. We thank them for their contribution.

Biologist Nicole Tuyten (MNR Minden) acting as Stewardship Coordinator, has played a valuable role in both Jr. Ranger program and Discovery Days experiences with youth. We thank her also.

Finally, in sum, it is clear that the present ‘owners’ of this site were recipients of much assistance in both the preservation of a special natural environment and the development of access and ongoing activity. To all those mentioned above (and others who went unmentioned or will follow at a later date) we tender our thanks and appreciation.

(Don Wright)